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    To report a water leak, call the Utilities Department 24 hours a day at (928)639-2520.




    In most cases leaks can be scheduled for repair. The Utilities Dept. will notify affected residents when there will

    be a scheduled interruption in service.  When there is an interruption in service due to an emergency water

    main repair our first priority is restoring service to our customers.  It is not always possible to notify residents

    before shutting the water off. 




    To establish a new water service an “Application for Water” must be completed and connection fees paid. 

    Applications are available at the Utilities Dept., 890 Main Street, Clarkdale, AZ or under "QUICK LINKS" above.




    If you have any questions you can stop by our office or call (928)639-2450.

    Billing payments can be made by check, cash, debit/credit card (in person or over the phone) or by Auto Draft. 

    Auto Draft can be set up at the Utilities Billing Dept. location listed below.  You can also make payments after

    business hours by using the “Drop Box” located across the breezeway from the Utilities Dept. at Community



    To start water service a deposit of $100.00 and an establishment fee of $25.00 is required.  Payment can

    be made with cash, check, or debit/credit card.  Please apply in person at:


       Utilities Billing Dept.

        890 Main Street

        Clarkdale, AZ  86324


        Office Hours:

       Mon. – Thurs. 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

       Friday  8:00 am - 12:00 pm




    Does my water need additional treatment?

    For most people, the answer is no.  Safe Drinking Water Act standards are set to ensure that your tap water

    is safe.  People who have medical conditions that might put them at special risk should discuss the need for .

    a water filter with their doctors. All public water systems are required to complete an Annual Drinking Water

    Quality Report and distribute this report to system users.


    Home Treatment Devices

    Many stores and companies sell various home treatment devices, ranging from small faucet-mounted filters

    to “whole-house” systems to water softeners.  While we cannot recommend specific brands or products,

    the following information should be helpful. For specific project information, contact NSF International,

    Consumer Report, or the device manufacturer.  Maintenance is important with any home treatment device,

    as an inadequately maintained filter can actually reduce water quality.




    Under the Town of Clarkdale’s Water Ordinance, Drought and Water Shortage Preparedness Strategy

    Level I is automatically in effect from May 1st through September 30th each year. 



  • Flush your toilet only when necessary.  Don’t use it to dispose of tissues, dead bugs, etc.
  • Consider installing a low-flow toilet.  If your toilet was installed prior to 1980, place a weighted plastic

jug full of water in your toilet tank.  Be sure it does not interfere with operating parts.  Do not use a

brick because it will deteriorate and cause operational problems.  This will reduce the amount of water

needed to refill the tank after flushing.

  • Is it possible your toilet has a leak?  You can test it by putting 10 drops of food coloring in the tank,

don’t flush for 15 minutes.  If the colored water shows up in the bowl, the tank is leaking.

  • Do only full loads in the dishwasher and avoid extra cycles.  Don’t run water continuously when washing

and rinsing dishes by hand.

  • Use the load selector to match water level to the size of your laundry load.
  • Limit use of reverse osmosis (RO) water purification systems. To get one gallon of RO water, most units

waste 2-9 gallons of drinking water.

  • When washing the car, rinse the car once, wash from a bucket of soapy water and rinse again quickly.
  • Use a broom or rake instead of water to remove leaves, clippings and debris from your driveway and walkways.
  • Plant native and other shrubs that don’t need a lot of watering.  Consider alternatives to big, thirsty lawns

and high water use trees.  Click the following link to see a list of native and adaptive drought tolerant plants:

List of native and adaptive drought tolerant plants.

  • Check all hoses, connectors, and spigots regularly.  Repair leaks as necessary.



    During Demand Reduction Strategy I “Water Alert”, there is no outside watering allowed on Mondays, or any

    day between the hours of 9:00 – 5:00 pm.  Water Schedule is according to your address.  Even street

    numbers can water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  Odd street numbers can water on Tuesday, Thursday,

    and Saturday.  For property without an assigned street number, follow the Even street number schedule. 




    In 2006 when we purchased the Clarkdale water system along with Cottonwood, our average consumption

    was 11,000 gallons per household.  The water usage was approximately 46% higher than the amount of

    water the average American used during that same period.


    Below is a chart showing water usage in Clarkdale for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009.  Clarkdale residents

    have made great strides in lowering water usage over these last three years.  In 2007, 2008, and 2009 the

    average usage was approximately 5,000 gallons per household per month, (using 2.4 persons as the average

    household figure).  The updated U.S. Census reports Clarkdale population at 4,097 and a capita of 2.3 per

    household.  Using these figures, the 2014 average usage is 4,924 gallons per household per month.



                                                       TOWN OF CLARKDALE WATER USAGE


































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