Voter Information

The Town of Clarkdale has an Early Voting Drop Off Ballot Box in the Town Hall Parking Lot, 39 N 9th Street. In addition, Clarkdale is a Voting Center. On Election Day you may vote in person in Clarkdale at 19 N 9th Street at the Clark Memorial Clubhouse.

For early in-person voting you may go to the County Recorder's Office at 10 S 6th Street in Cottonwood.

To check your registration status or your ballot status go to and enter the information requested. You will be able to make sure you are registered and/or check the status of your ballot if you have already voted.

For additional information on early voting, voting by mail, and to register for Yavapai County's Permanent Early Voting List, please visit Yavapai County's Elections and Voter Registration page.

See an updated list of Election Vote Centers in Yavapai County.