The Streets Division of the Clarkdale Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining our local and collector streets, alleys, sidewalks and the storm drain system in the Town of Clarkdale. The Streets Division provides signage and barricades for special events, assists the Police Department and Fire District with road closures, and responds to flooding and other emergencies in the community.

In general, the Streets Division has maintenance responsibility for the streets and roads that are marked by green/white street signs (black/white street signs generally indicate that a street/road is privately owned). The Arizona Department of Transportation owns and maintains Highway 89A through Clarkdale, including the roundabouts that are found on that highway.

Right-Of-Way Permits

Right-Of-Way Permits are required for all construction work in and/or encroachments on public right-of-way, curbs, bridges, pedestrian walks and bicycle paths owned or maintained by the Town of Clarkdale. Permits will not be granted for roadway pavement cuts within town right-of-way on any bituminous or concrete pavement structures that are overlaid within the last five years unless a specific exception for a hardship has been granted by the Department Director.

Adopt-A-Road Program

The Public Works/Utilities Department administers the Town's Adopt-A-Street Program. If you, or a group you are affiliated with, is interested in adopting a street in Clarkdale, please contact the Department for further information.