Reporting Sewer Concerns

If you witness a sewer spill or any suspicious activity in or around our treatment facilities or other sewer infrastructure, or you have an odor complaint, please contact the Public Works Department 24 hours a day at 928-639-2520.

Wastewater Division Functions

The Wastewater Division's mission is to collect, treat and monitor our wastewater system in compliance with State and Federal regulatory requirements, providing the Town of Clarkdale sewer users with safe disposal of their domestic waste materials. The Wastewater Division works hard to improve the environment and enhance the quality of life for the Town of Clarkdale and its residents.

Our wastewater division protects both public health and the region's water quality by the collection and treatment of wastewater. Today we are able to treat up to 350,000 gallons of wastewater a day. Preliminary design and plant improvements have been completed to allow expansion to treat up to 1,000,000 gallons per day.

There sometimes exists confusion as to where the Town's maintenance for sewer services end and the homeowner's begins. The following will help you understand this shared responsibility.

The Town of Clarkdale maintains everything up to the property line, provided there is a Town approved clean out at or near the property line to provide lateral service from property line to sewer main in the alley or street, while the homeowner is responsible for all maintenance within the property. If a clean-out does not exist at the property line the Town does not maintain the lateral line from the house to the main sewer line in the alley.  Read more in the Town Code - Chapter 11 Sewer.

The following tips will help to minimize problems with clogging of your sewer line to the sewer main:

  • Avoid using hot water to dissolve grease on cookware.
  • When dissolved grease touches cold pipes, it immediately coagulates and collects on pipe walls.
  • Don't put eggshells in the garbage disposal. Eggshells also collect on pipe walls.
  • Always run water first before using the garbage disposal.
  • Don't flush diapers, sanitary napkins, and other bulky paper products down toilets.

No Fats, Oils, Or Grease Down the DrainPlease do not dispose of paint, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, gasoline, or any other flammable liquids in toilets or drains.  These materials have a negative effect on the biology of our collection and treatment facilities and can be dangerous to the health and safety of our wastewater operators.  Shop towels, disposable wipes, body wipes, and other fibrous materials don’t break down in the same way toilet tissue does.  Please place towels and wipes in a disposal container instead of flushing.  These materials clog pumps, get wrapped around process equipment and contribute to time consuming and expensive maintenance and repairs.