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Posted on: May 25, 2023

Gazebo/Bandstand FAQ

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6/25/23 Bandstand Update


Question: Will the Gazebo/Bandstand remain as a contributing structure to the historic district?

Answer: We believe so. Town Staff has met with representatives from the State Historic Preservation Office for a voluntary review of the project as well as the Gazebo/Bandstand's current status. Once the design plans are submitted, they will alert us of any action that could jeopardize the Gazebo's status and then issue a written opinion upon completion of the final plans.

Question: What are the Council's goals for the project.

Answer: The Council's goals include ensuring the structure meets current building codes, is safe for public use, is long lasting and remains as a contributing structure if at all possible.

Question: Is the project considered a restoration or reconstruction?

Answer: The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties address four treatments: preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction. The plans for the Gazebo/Bandstand would likely be considered a restoration using the Secretary of the Interior's definitions.

Question: Why is another inspection planned for the historic architect, engineer, contractor and Chief Building Official?

Answer: Upon review, the original engineering report was found to be incomplete as it did not address issues with the joists of the the Gazebo nor did it address issues in the roof. Additionally, the report did not plan to bring the structure up to current code. As a public structure that is heavily used, it needs to meet current building code.


To read additional Q&As about the project, please visit: FAQ

To see a presentation on the current condition of the structure, visit: PowerPoint

Historic Gazebo/Bandstand Update 6.6.23

Click here to see the slides on the current gazebo condition.

Gazebo/Bandstand FAQs

Q1. Will there still be a gazebo/bandstand in Town Park?

A: Yes!  The Town plans to sensitively rebuild the existing structure immediately, and to replicate the previous structure. Materials that are salvageable from the existing structure will be utilized where possible.

Q2. Will the replacement structure be made of pine?

A: No, it will be made from cedar.  This decision was made to extend the life of the structure for future generations.

Q3. Is the structure on the National Register of Historic Places?

A: The gazebo/bandstand is considered a “contributing structure” to the historic district, not actually registered as a “historic structure” in its own right, like the Clark Memorial Clubhouse.

Q4. Will the new structure be ADA accessible?

A: The bid for the reconstruction did include ADA compliance.  The Council did not vote on which mode to use for ADA accessibility. They asked that additional research be done and brought back to Council at a future date.

Q5. Is the current structure the original gazebo?

Gazebo1A. Records show that the gazebo location was moved earlier in its history. The original bandstand, built in 1915, faced east toward Tenth Street and sat north of its present location. A healthy copper market enabled improvements to the plaza in 1919. According to records, the bandstand was rebuilt in 1919 at a cost of $353.19.  

Gazebo2In 2004, a full renovation was completed. At that time, materials were removed from the gazebo that were not available at the time of the original construction, so we know it had to have been modified significantly. Following the 2004 renovation, the only items that remained were the roof and the posts.  At the time, several of the posts were compromised from water and termite damage. Effort was made to repair and reuse these posts.  However, these same posts have now further deteriorated. In 2011, another renovation was done with significant repairs completed.


Q6. Why did the Council vote to pursue reconstruction versus renovation?

A: Each Council Member evaluated the information they had received over several months and made their own decision.  However, the consensus seemed to be that since the majority of the structure was not original (even from as late as 2004), it was more prudent to reconstruct a replica of the structure with materials (such as cedar) that will last longer. Quotes for restoration were over $200,000 as was reconstruction.  The Council felt that money was better spent to have a new structure that would be safer, provide ADA accessibility, and ultimately last longer for future generations.

Q7. Are community donations or grants needed to build the new structure.

A: No, the Council was aware of the need for work on the gazebo and budgeted accordingly.

Q8. What plans does the Town have to commemorate the previous gazebo/bandstand?

A. The gazebo is a treasured landmark and symbol of Clarkdale’s sense of community. It is the center of Town Park and shelters bands during summer concerts, families every 4th of July, ghosts and goblins every Halloween, and twinkling holidays lights every winter. Countless friends and family members have been wed in, proposed to, or found solace under the roof of our Town Park gazebos. For this reason, the bandstand currently displays a historic plaque explaining the history of the structure. This plaque will be redesigned to note the historic evolution of the gazebo including its various locations, rebuilds and the community’s commitment to the Town Park gazebo tradition.

Q9. Did this decision go through a normal, public process for approval?

A: Yes. Public notice of all Council meetings and Board and Commission meetings are posted on the Town website, as well as posted physically on the announcement board next to the Utilities Office at Town Hall. The item was heard by Council, with all community members invited to speak during Public Comment at the beginning of each meeting, on the following dates:

  • Feb. 22, 2022 – Renovation Update on the Gazebo/Bandstand: Updated the Council on the condition of the gazebo, including the compromised structural issues, as well as citing the almost complete reconstruction in 2004. During that renovation, the only items retained were the posts and roof. Several of the posts had dry rot and termite damage that was repaired, but not to the extent that they would last for an extended period. Photos showed extensive rot that was patched. Frost Engineering was selected to conduct a study to determine what needed to be done to the gazebo to make it structurally sound. Council comments included that the structure should last more than 20 years, and that the gazebo is the “Crown of Clarkdale” (Hunseder). 
  • Oct. 25, 2022 – Discussed and approved amended historic architect reports and approved renovation in an amount not to exceed $160,000.
  • Feb. 14, 2023 – Council reviewed the proposal for rehabilitation of the gazebo/bandstand in the amount of $216,775 (not including ADA, lights or upgraded electric) and a value engineered option in the amount of $190,902 that would have used pine versus cedar.  Five options were given for moving forward. Members of the public (including two members of the Historic Preservation Commission) commented they preferred item 5, which was to “table the approval and direct staff to research options for rehabilitation of the structure, up to and including replacement, for discussion at a future meeting.”  The Council agreed and voted unanimously to reject the proposals and directed staff to pursue other avenues of procurement.
  • May 9, 2023 – After a lengthy discussion and presentation of a written report that revisited the current condition of the gazebo and all options that have been previously presented, Council accepted and awarded a contract in the amount of $155,874 for the reconstruction of the Gazebo/Bandstand and an additional amount of $59,029 for an ADA solution.  Council requested that solutions for the ADA access be brought back to Council for final approval.  The proposal includes utilizing any materials from the existing structure that are in good condition and salvageable. It also includes lighting and electrical upgrades as well as using cedar for construction. 

The deteriorated status of the gazebo/bandstand structure was also heard by the Historic Preservation Commission, with all community members invited to speak during Public Comment at the beginning of each meeting, on the following dates:

  • Oct. 7, 2021Staff made a presentation about the compromised structural issues to the Historic Preservation Commission and recommended a complete reconstruction, citing the almost complete reconstruction in 2004.  During that renovation, the only items retained were the posts and roof.  Several of the posts had dry rot and termite damage that was repaired, but not to the extent that they would last for an extended period. (Photos showed extensive rot that was patched.) The Historic Commission voted unanimously to table the item, pending the submittal and review of a qualified, historical architect report making recommendations in terms of how to restore/reconstruct the bandstand as closely as possible to its original design and appearance. Public comments were taken.
  • Jan 27, 2022 – Discussion only: Staff introduced William Otwell and Frost Engineering who will do an assessment of the structure. Otwell recommended making minor structural repairs to the posts to keep the structure from twisting and settling and to withstand 95 mph winds. Also recommended replacing siding and roof with weather resistant (non-wood) materials that match the original style and colors of construction details from historic photos. Public comment objected to use of modern replacement materials.
  • April 5, 2022 – Review and Approval of Bandstand Engineering Report.   Recommended 1). cutting off the bottom 12” of posts and adding concrete pier. 2). Recommended adding (2)5/8 lag bolts to each end of knee brace as well as Simpson connectors to the post to beam to increase stability and longevity. Motion to approve Bandstand Engineering Report as written approved unanimously.
  • May 3, 2022 – Discussion item only: Discussed the bandstand’s roof material. The original was likely wood.  Ruth investigating if there is a fireproof version of these. 
  • Oct. 4, 2022 – Amended Architects and Structural Engineering Report for the Bandstand. This revised report was to address the staff’s concerns about the condition of the posts. Motion to approve the amended Architect and Structural Engineer reports for the Bandstand and forward recommendation to Council approved unanimously. (Stipulations to specify appropriate quality control specs in the bid docs).
  • March 7, 2023 – Bandstand Update: Community Development Director and Assistant Town Manager, Ruth Mayday, gave an update that bid documents were under review.

Learn more about the condition of the gazebo/bandstand. This presentation was given on May 9, 2023 at a Town Council Meeting.













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