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Brush Pick-Up Request

  1. Brush Pick-Up is included with residential trash service.  Call our Billing Office at 928-639-2450 or submit this form before Monday at noon to ensure your brush is picked up with the Tuesday trash service.

  2. Brush Pick-Up Requiments
    • Grass clippings and leaves must be bagged.
    • Tree clippings and trimmings must be cut to three (3) foot lengths and bundled.
    • Century plants, thorned plants, cacti, and similar plants which are difficult to handle, or may present a danger to collectors, shall be contained in boxes or containers after having been cut to lengths of no more than three (3) feet. 
    • Pick-up is limited to four (4) bags and two (2) bundles per week.
    • Please keep in mind the weight of these items as a person is physically lifting them into the truck.
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